Our Famous Inserts

The FPA removable and interchangeable insert system

Go to You Tube for a quick demo:  http://youtu.be/JLc0dVmwbGs

This is an original design by our parent company, Growum Holdings, in response to numerous comments from the plant hire industry. The systems available before we introduced our design were too expensive, or they just didn’t look right.

Always listening to our clients observations and trying to improve the product to suit our customers, is the main reason why our planters have stayed so popular over the years, particularly with the indoor plant hire companies. This new design insert (now widely copied by other manufacturers) provides support for the plastic grow pots the plants  are supplied in by the nurseries.

The insert sits 50mm down from the top edge of the planter leaving just enough space to cover the top with pebbles or other materials to finish the top of the display.

The insert itself is supported by a strong small ledge that is part of the fibreglass planter, it can be lifted out and exchanged for inserts with different size openings. The most common size opening is 325mm diameter which fits the 350mm grow pot widely used in nurseries for plants that are up to about 180cm tall.
Other size inserts are 300mm opening and 250mm opening.

The insert is made from a very light-weight fibreglass to allow you to change the size of a plant  The plant can be swapped over and re-installed in seconds, no need to change a complicated support, or the watering system, just a quick change to a different size insert. The size of the insert required, depends on the type of plant you intent to use and the size of the pot your nursery supplied it in. Another major benefit of this removable

insert is that it allows for the placement of a large plastic container inside the planter, which can then used as a watering system for the plant. Most indoor plant hire companies prefer to use their own watering systems and these are easily installed in our planters.

The end result is a planter that’s easy to use, easy to move, and looks great with a beautiful finish that’s not spoiled by cumbersome aftermarket brackets etc. that were traditionally used in the industry. We are always looking for ways to improve the design and practical use of our planters, so if you would like changes made to the planters to make them more suitable for your business, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with us. The advantage of working with fibreglass is that any design can be made to order with only a minimal cost for moulds.

For orders of a reasonable quantity of your
own design, we will carry the cost of the mould.

 We look forward to your enquiries regarding
our range of fibreglass planters and we will always strive to make our products the most cost
effective and the easiest to use in your business.

Contact growum@tpg.com.au for orders and shipping rates