Desktop Planters

These small fibreglass planters are very popular because of their light weight and beautiful gloss finishes.

Fibreglass Desktop BowlsThe traditional bowl shape is available in 2 sizes, the standard 205mm high item has a 250mm opening which fits the standard 200mm grow pot, the smaller squat design has a 210mm opening for a 200mm squat grow pot.
Fibreglass Desktop Bowls
The most popular shape is the Wedge which mirrors the design of the larger wedge shape floor planters.The inside opening of 220mm suits the use of the standard 200mm ( 8 inch) grow pot.
This shape is available in black, white, charcoal, silver and black pearl.The desktop Cone is the same height as the desk top wedge at 220mm, the opening is 210mm for the standard 200mm grow pot.
This item is only available in gloss black.
Fibreglass Desktop BowlsThe new Squat Bowl is a more shallow design, but it’s outside diameter is 400mm which makes it the perfect design for a small desktop garden, it has a 300mm inside diameter.This design looks brilliant on larger raised areas such as reception counters, large window sills etc.
This item is stocked in black or white.

If you have requirements for any design small planter please contact us and we can get it made to order.

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