Wedge Planters

Growum Holdings’ range of fibreglass wedge planters are designed with
the indoor plant hire companies in mind.

Wedges are the most popular design in our range of modern planters, they match the look of ceramic planters and pots, but without the heavy weight or the obvious danger of breaking. Being lightweight makes them much easier to move around, without sacrificing great looks.

Fibreglass Planter_wedge

Removable Inserts

The removable insert is an original
Growum Design and one which is now widely used throughout the industry.
This unique feature supports your plant near the top edge of the planter and at the same time forms a platform for pebbles, pine bark or other media, for finishing off the top of the unit.
The insert sits on a small ledge so it can be easily removed to allow you to place a water reservoir, or watering system in the bottom of the planter.

Wedge planters were the first design we introduced with the removable inserts and they are available in 3 opening sizes:
325mm – 300mm – 250mm
Wedges are our best seller and we stock this item in various sizes and colours.The 600mm wedge is available in black, white, silver, charcoal and black pearl. Other colours can be imported to order or sprayed locally at an extra cost.Stock colours for the other sizes are black, white and silver.Standard Sizes are:
380mm high
600mm high
750mm high
900mm highA smaller Wedge (337mm high) is available, but because of the size it is without an insert.
Fibreglass Planters - Wedges
All wedges have the same top dimension, 430mm x 430mm and come with a standard 325mm insert, as this is the most common size grow pot used in the indoor plant hire industry.To match the striking design of the wedge shape we stock Desktop Wedges in various colours.Our Wedge Shape Troughs are another planter you can use to complete the overall design.A combination of the different wedge sizes and shapes would enhance any commercial or residential interior.Please contact us for a free colour brochure.
We prefer to ship our planters on pallets where possible for safe transport. A standard pallet will fit up to 16 pieces of the 600mm wedge. Freight for pallet size orders are free to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, for other destinations we will subsidise part of the freight.
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